giovedì 12 febbraio 2009

Quanti modi di stare in mare...

C'è chi lotta contro la tempesta...

February 12. 2009 at 09:55

Hurricane force gusts

"Last night was one of the hardest of the race. The forecasts were for winds of around thirty knots. Between midday and one in the morning I had some extremely violent winds with hurricane force gusts. It was a barometric low that caused the wind to shift from east to north-west to south-west. It was completely crazy… The boat was knocked down three or four times with her mast, boom and sails in the water. My video camera is no longer working as it fell into the water and oil, when an oil bottle broke. It got everywhere and is very slippery. There were some real mountains of water where you ride up and then suddenly plunge down. I’m extremely tired after being at the helm for hours in a very heavy swell. Sometimes I had to grip it with my feet as my hands could no longer hold on as the pressure on the rudders was too great. I’ve got a few pinches and my muscles are aching. I’m going to have to wait until it’s light to see how much damage there is and tidy up. There’s still a heavy swell – as soon as the mountains turn to hills, I’ll take some photos and videos to give you an idea of what happened to Nauticsport-Kapsch during the night."
Norbert Sedlacek in an e-mail this morning

Chi impazzisce a cambiar vele con venti variabili e deboli...

February 12. 2009 at 07:39

A difficult, frustrating day

“Difficult day with shifting winds, 20 knots 2 knots, east, northeast, north, southeast, black clouds with no wind, sail maneuvers in response to threats, but to no avail, 10 sail changes today, all for naught, go 12 knots in the right direction, then 9 knots in completely the wrong direction, then 2 knots and lose steerage, 6-7' waves with no wind driving them, choppy from different directions, what is going on here? Very frustrating to say the least. Encountered a ship last night, starboard to starboard passing, called him on vhf when abeam 1/2 mile off, suddenly his radar went on, don't think he had any idea we were there. Full moon has been spectacular.”Rich Wilson ( Great American III) in his daily message

Chi se la canta sotto spi....

February 12. 2009 at 06:55
Another karaoke moment

"Roxy and I have had a good day today running away from the high pressure that's chasing us! Under spinnaker all day, doing good speed and fun sailing. This evening the wind has been heading us and after some "yee-ha" spinnaker reaching, with a couple of nice wipeouts that have tidied up my chart table (i.e. sent everything loose off to starboard!) I have wisely changed to solent + ORC.I have just been in the cockpit having another karaoke moment - making the most of one of my last nights out here on my own! Leaning on the coachroof looking backwards at Roxys wake, lit up by the moon and streaming out for as far as I could see. Singing out at the top of my voice! I wish I could stay out there all night, but I must rest, ready for a tough 24 hours of light wind sailing to get through the high "bubble" that is going to block our progress tomorrow night. So, radar on, to keep watch for shipping, I am going to get some sleep now....."
Sam Davies (Roxy)in her daily message

Marc Guillemot va avanti senza chiglia con le dita incrociate a 240 miglia dall'arrivo...

Dee Caffari con la randa delaminata. ha già percorso molte miglia ma è in ansia, non sa quanto ancora reggeranno le riparazioni che ha fatto...

Vorrei essere a Les Sable al suo arrivo per averne un pezzo!Altro che sacra sindone!!!

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